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Strategies for Managing Data to Deliver Great Customer Experiences, from Informatica

Customer experience is the next competitive battlefield for businesses, but most companies have a long way to go before it delivers on the expectations of CEOs and customers. For many, the ability to deliver great customer experiences is hamstrung by an inaccurate, incomplete, and fragmented view of our customers and their relationships.

Strategically managing and securely sharing high quality customer data is now a necessity to fuel improved segmentation, true personalization,  and unique customer experiences. 

Read The Seven Imperatives for Great Customer Data Management. This eBook aims to demonstrate three things:

  1. The root cause of customer experience chaos is a lack of great data.
  2. Additional investment in applications alone isn’t going to solve this problem.
  3. What’s needed is intelligent data management.

We’ll outline what’s going wrong and suggest seven crucial steps to get it right.

Sponsored By: BroadSoft

The Office Depot® North American Business Solutions Division manages over 20 million customer interactions annually across 34 contact centers, on four continents, with more than 3,000 agents providing customer service to their business customers.  Due to their size and global distributed structure, Office Depot struggled with a lack of  visibility into their contact center operations leading to inconsistent performance management and reporting from site to site.

BroadSoft provided Office Depot® with global contact center performance management with centralized analytics, queuing, routing, recording, and monitoring across all customer service centers. Rolled out in less than 90 days, BroadSoft was able to help Office Depot achieve a dramatic reduction of call abandons, considerably lower the speed of answer, and continue to deliver significant cost savings.


From Genesys

Integrating your contact center with your CRM enables every employee to have a holistic view of the customer.  Every employee becomes an expert with customer journey context. Learn how to optimize your customer experiences with this Frost & Sullivan infographic.

Get the Infographic Now!

White Paper from Looker

Getting rid of data analytics bottlenecks.

Dollar Shave Club. You know who they are. This article describes how this supersmart startup takes advantage of all the data they collect—about email promotions, changes to their website, volume of help requests, customer churn, and anything else that might impact the bottom line. It all started with one data analyst, who used Looker to build out data models so that departments around the company could have direct access to the data they need.

Here are just a few examples of how business people at Dollar Shave Club are using Looker to understand data:

  • Testing email marketing campaigns
  • Tracking the relationship between help requests and customer churn
  • Creating better audience targets for sampling campaigns

White Paper from Looker

Customer data is available from more sources than ever before, but very few companies consistently connect that data, making it difficult (if not impossible) to translate it into actionable analysis.

The Looker Data App for Customer Success Analytics makes it easy to bring together all the data you’re collecting about your customers in one centralized view, from how they buy and what support issues they’ve had to how they use the product on a daily basis.

White Paper from Looker

Acquiring customers. Building business. Powering innovation.

Launching an e-commerce site is almost too easy.  Modern consumers love the convenience of online shopping, and new tools are removing obstacles to entry and slashing the costs of running an e-commerce business.  As a result, competition in the online retail space is fierce.

How can you take a fresh approach to your business data?  Start by asking and answering these 6 questions.

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