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New eBook from Everstring

AI is already powering business growth across sales teams in many industries. Yet, some companies are still unsure of how AI can help jumpstart sales cycles and speed up day-to-day sales functions. In this ebook, we will walk through 5 key AI growth hacks that can help your sales team close more deals in less time.

Elan Moriah President, Customer Engagement Solutions, Verint

Today’s customer is smart, engaged, connected and informed. To keep pace with this new breed of customer, organizations must also become smarter and more connected. Download this View From the Top from Elan Moriah, President of Verint's Customer Engagement Solutions.

Sponsored By: USAN

Do you have an antiquated IVR that your company probably outgrew years ago? Does your system have a labyrinth of menus and trees that have been added over the years? It may support the minimum, baseline requirements but is it providing your customers with a great self-service experience?

Probably not.

Today's modern IVR barely resembles the old systems of 10+ years ago and remains an integral part of a proactive customer care model. Contact us today to learn how IVR innovation can boost containment rates, support complex inquiries and provide personalized, context-driven experiences as customers move from digital to voice channels.

Learn more about USAN’s Modern IVR.

Sponsored By: Cogito

Conversations between customers and service professionals are at the heart of every customer-brand relationship. Good conversations forge a bond, establish trust, and result in increased loyalty, while bad conversations tarnish brand perception and lead to customer churn. Cogito shares insights into the ingredients of positive conversations and why they are imperative to building strong emotional connections.

Sponsored By: CDP Institute

What’s a Customer Data Platform?  How does it differ from a DMP?   How do CDPs live up to the promises made for them?  Whether you’re a CDP expert or just starting to explore the topic, this non-nonsense guide from the CDP Institute will help you to understand it better.

Elan Moriah President, Customer Engagement Solutions, Verint

Backed by the right customer engagement solutions, capabilities, business processes and models, intelligent customer service can be a reality in engaging and empowering employees, and in meeting and exceeding evolving customer expectations.

Sponsored By: Conga

Sales teams spend more than 5 hours a day doing things other than selling, including a lot of manual, administrative tasks. Many of those tasks involve the creation of sales documents, such as quotes, proposals, invoices and contracts. Sales teams can make big gains in efficiency and get back selling time with a document generation solution.

Download the ebook "Solving Your Document Problem" to learn:

  • The major sales trends that require sales teams to take doc gen into account
  • The most significant pitfalls of manual document generation
  • How a document automation solution works with document templates to optimize the use of your CRM data
  • Address pain points in the sales cycle and create end-to-end sales process optimization
  • How Dimelo, a B2B SaaS company, solved for quote and price book inconsistencies with doc gen

A Soffront White Paper

If you manage sales or marketing for your company, you’ve probably spent more time than you wish solving problems rather than achieving results. Here are some strategies you will learn in this eBook:
  • How to qualify your Leads - learn about their needs and interests
  • How to nurture your Leads - offer education through content
  • How to score and distribute your Leads - signal when leads are ready for sales
  • How to automate your sales process to close more deals in less time
  • How to turn new customers into long-term brand advocates

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