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Sponsored By: Aspect, SmartAction, Empirix, Freshdesk and Genesys

Customers overwhelmingly use the phone to resolve their customer service problems and to escalate from Web or chat when those digital channels fail to meet their needs.

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems have carried the heavy load of customer inquiries for decades.

DOWNLOAD this special Best Practices Guide and learn how IVR’s have evolved to meet the high standard of current customers, while still shouldering the bulk of customer interactions.

  • Defining The Future Of Self-Service With Natural Language Understanding — From IVRs to Messaging Apps from Aspect

  • It’s Time to Start Thinking About IVR Differently from Smartaction

  • The Future of IVR Customer Service Assurance from Empirix

  • The Future of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) In Customer Support from Freshdesk

  • Has Your IVR Come A Long Way? Join The Next-Gen Self-Service Revolution! from Genesys

 In the following installment of CRM magazine’s Best Practices series, we’ll see how advances in both technology and processes have enabled modern IVRs to strengthen the value of next-generation self-service integrated solutions for customers and organizations alike.

Sponsored By: Conga, Acxiom, Apttus and CloudCraze

DOWNLOAD this free guide to Salesforce AppExchange Deep Dives receive four concise descriptions of how to harvest real business value from your investment in Salesforce’s platform.

In the following pages of this installment of CRM magazine’s Best Practices series, you will learn how:





Not all businesses have the same specific needs, but with more than 3,000 apps to choose from, chances are that you’ll be able to find some that fit your needs.

We also have two educational live webinars on Salesforce AppExchange Solutions this year:

Salesforce AppExchange for Customer Service WEBINAR on June 29, 2016, at 2:00 p.m.

Salesforce AppExchange for Sales & Marketing WEBINAR on September 28, 2016, at 2:00 p.m.

Sponsored By: Verint®, OpinionLab, RedPoint, Pitney Bowes and Genesys

Gallup defines customer engagement as “the emotional connection between your customers and your company.” This very simple definition belies the difficulty in creating emotional bonds between customers and brands and the sustained effort required to improve and strengthen those connections.

DOWNLOAD this latest Best Guide from CRM magazine’s April issue and you will receive these Five recommendations from the top solution providers in the industry:

-Connecting For Convenience: Four Best Practices For Customer Engagement from Verint®

-Five Best Practices To Integrate VOC Into Your Customer Journey Mapping from OpinionLab

-Harness Data, Insight And Action To Engage Today’s Digitally Empowered Customers from RedPoint

-Interactive, Personalized Video Improves Customer Engagement At Security First Insurance from Pitney Bowes

-Omnichannel Engagement In The Age Of The Customer from Genesys

The concept of engaging customers has emerged as one of the principal tenets of CRM in the past several years, and this installment should be required reading for any executives interested in creating stronger customer relationships.

An educational Roundtable Webcast on this topic will be broadcast on July 27, 2016, at 2 p.m. Register Here

Sponsored By: Informatica and Cogito

By all accounts, the big story in business technology in the past few years has been the proliferation of relatively inexpensive yet comprehensive customer-focused analytics solutions.

In the following Best Practices installment, you will receive two informative Best Practices articles from these leaders in the field of analytics:

  • CLOUD ANALYTICS FOR DUMMIES The ebook to help you leverage technology for advanced customer insight from Informatica


These analytic applications were out of reach just a few years ago, but now they’re more accessible than ever.

Sponsored By: inContact, eGain, nanorep, Cogito, Convergys, 24[7] and Genesys

The past several years have been a super-productive period in the field of customer service delivery, especially as it relates to call centers.

Download this all-inclusive preview into the intelligent uses of technology and get an inside view of what is possible today—and where the future of customer service is headed.

  • How Workforce Intelligence Creates A Better Customer Experience by inContact

  • How Intelligent Contact Centers Do Better In Customer Engagement by eGain

  • Shifting Customer Service From “Cost Center” To “Value Center” by nanorep

  • Build An Emotional Connection With Your Customers by Cogito

  • How To Turn Disjointed Interactions Into Satisfying Customer Journeys by Convergys

  • Accelerate Time-To-Value With These 3 CX Quick Wins by 24[7]

  • Is Your Contact Center Putting Your Customer Experience Strategy On Hold? by Genesys

Learn what ambitious customer service executives and CEOs are now focusing on in the contact center. You can also register to attend a Roundtable Webinar on this same topic on September 14, 2016, at 2:00 p.m.

Sponsored By: Panviva, NICE Systems and Verint®

Traditional workforce optimization (WFO) has been radically altered due to self-service and omnichannel customer service, a shift that is ultimately being driven by consumer preferences.

Download this FREE Guide to WFO and you will receive:

  • Why Just Optimize, When You Can Fully Enable Your Workforce? (Panviva)
  • Workforce Optimization And Beyond… Customer Engagement Optimization Can Help You Deliver Omnichannel Experiences (Verint®)
  • Expanding The ROI Benefits Of Nice WFM With Employee Engagement Manager (NICE Systems)

Stay relevant and informed with the latest expert opinions from CRM Magazines Best Practices Series.

A Webcast Roundtable on this same topic will be broadcast on Wednesday, August 17, 2016, at 2:00 p.m.

Sponsored By: inbenta

FACT 67 percent of consumers choose Web self-service as their preferred channel to find answers.

DOWNLOAD this FREE white paper and learn five key approaches to successful strategy using:

  • Dynamic FAQs
  • Intelligent Search
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Instant Answers
  • Analytics

LEARN how implementing natural language into self-service tools will improve your company’s customer loyalty, increase revenue, and enhance your brand awareness.

Sponsored By: Aptean, Parature from Microsoft, Verint, InforCRM and inContact

What are going to be the top trends in CRM in 2016?

Learn what experts predict to be the trends driving change over the next 12 months and beyond.

Download this FREE special 2016 PREVIEW and you will receive these educated predictions:

  • Personal Value Will Measure CRM Success In 2016 by Aptean

  • Employee Empowerment Will Separate Customer Experience Leaders And Laggards by Parature, from Microsoft

  • CRM Trends To Watch - Four Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore by Verint®

  • CRM In 2016: Retaining Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Customer by Infor CRM

  • Trends & Predictions for 2016 by inContact

These leaders in CRM have offered their expert opinions for what they see as the driving trends over the next year. Download now to find out what they predict.

Sponsored By: Enghouse Interactive, Support.com, Qvidian, Verint®, bpm'online and NICE Systems

As 2015 draws to a close, we wanted to take the time to review some of the top products launched or improved over the course of the year.

In the following DOWNLOAD, you will find products running the gamut of the CRM space as well as some winners from our 2015 editorial awards. If you would like to find out even more about any of these solutions, make sure to search destinationCRM.com.

  • How To Get Your Cake And Eat It Too – Contact Center Style by Enghouse Interactive
  • The Role Of Customer Support In Shaping Brand Experiences by Support.com
  • Improving Salesforce.Com Effectiveness For Sales by Qvidian
  • Verint Customer Engagement Optimization by Verint®
  • Process-Driven CRM Designed To Align Marketing, Sales And Service On A Single Platform by bpm’online
  • Nice Robotic Automation NICE Systems

So DOWNLOAD this FREE review of 2015’s Top Products today!

Sponsored By: nanorep

Interactive virtual agents have proven to be a low-cost option to help support customers online, deflect shopping cart abandonment, and keep site visitors from switching from online self-service channels to the telephone. These digital customer assistants can create engaging, personal experiences for customers and help employees find answers quickly as well. This Best Practices Guide will focus on how these humanlike representations can be deployed for the greatest impact.

Sponsored By: Sparkcentral and NICE Systems

Gartner predicts the social CRM market will be a $4.4 billion industry by 2015. Is your company prepared to deliver customer service through social media channels?

Download this latest installment of CRM magazine’s Best Practices Series, and you will receive:

  • How Social Media Is Changing The Contact Center World by Sparkcentral
  • The Secret to Amazing Customer Service: Adaptive Contact Centers by NICE Systems

Download this Best Practices guide and start planning your strategy today.

Sponsored By: MaritzCX, Verint®, inContact, Scribe Software, SAP, NICE Systems and Genesys

In this latest installment of CRM magazine’s Best Practices series, our contributors give their best advice on creating customer journeys that foster better customer experiences and interactions with a brand, product, or company. This is no easy task, but the series of steps outlined in the following pages will help guide your own journey.

Download this multi-contributor Best Practices Guide, pulled from the pages of CRM magazine, and you will receive:

  • Making The Case For Improving The Customer Experience  - MaritzCX

  • Great Customer Experiences and ROI—Can You Have Both? - Verint®

  • Guiding the Omnichannel Customer Journey Providing customers with a seamless, unified channel experience boosts business outcomes - inContact

  • Using Digital Information to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience- Scribe Software

  • The Customer Journey: A Handbook for Meaningful (and Profitable) Engagement- SAP

  • The 5-Step Guide to Successful Customer Journey Management- NICE Systems

  • Improve Customer Experience With Connected Digital Journeys  - Genesys

Download this one complete guide to Designing The Customer Journey Today!

Sponsored By: Interactive Intelligence, SAP, 3CLogic and Genesys

There are few customer-facing areas in an organization that boast as much innovation as a contact center.

DOWNLOAD the FREE special section from CRM magazine and you will receive four concise recommendations for improving your contact center and your customers’ experiences.

  • Reinventing Customer Engagement Once Again
    Interactive Intelligence
  • Contact Center Innovations: Working Towards Great Omni-Channel Customer Experience
  • 3 Simple Steps To An Innovative Contact Center
  • The Omnichannel Desktop: Innovation In Managing Customer Journeys

Sponsored By: Verint®, RightAnswers, Transversal and eGain

If a great customer experience depends on great customer service, you better make sure you have a solid knowledge management (KM) system integrated with your CRM platform.

Quite simply, you need to make your employees and agents experts across many different product lines and service scenarios while increasing the effectiveness of your self-service options.

In this Best Practices Guide The Integration of Knowledge Management and CRM For Intelligent Support, you will receive:





In this latest instalment of CRM magazine’s Best Practices Guide, you’ll hear from four top KM providers who offer their insights into how to use knowledge management to maximize your customer service efforts and improve your customers’ experience.

Sponsored By: Interactive Intelligence, eGain, Aspect, Sparkcentral, SAP and Clicktools

The need for a unified approach to customer communications

Customer expectations are increasing dramatically especially when trying to resolve issue while switching between communication channels.

There is little tolerance for things that don’t make sense and repeating the customer service process from the beginning when switching channels is a big waste of time.

Download this Guide to improving your company’s approach to omnichannel customer experience and you’ll receive six recommendations from these leading experts in a single, easy download.

  • For The New Customer Experience, Omnichannel Is Imperative by Interactive Intelligence
  • The Omnichannel Imperative: Best Practices In Customer Service by eGain
  • 4 Consumer Engagement Expectations Of Millennials And What It Means To Your Contact Center by Aspect
  • 75 Million Customers Are Demanding An Omnichannel Customer Care Experience: Are You Ready? by Sparkcentral
  • Building The B2B Omni-Channel Commerce Platform Of The Future by SAP

  • The Ever-Evolving Challenge Of Omni-Channel Service by Clicktools

Download this FREE special section from CRM magazine in one convenient pdf!


Sponsored By: Velocify, NewVoiceMedia, Xactly, Qvidian and FinancialForce.com

Get the most from your Salesforce.com investment by leveraging their powerful AppExchange Marketplace. Inside you will find these five Best Practices tips:

  •  Drive High-Velocity Selling Through Salesforce by Velocify

  •  Got Salesforce? Are You Ready to Sell More and Serve Better? by NewVoiceMedia

  •  Data-Backed Analytics Are the Future of Sales Comp: Enhance Your Process with Xactly and Salesforce Integration by Xactly

  •  Find the Right Sales Content with Salesforce AppExchange Partner by Qvidian

  •  Bringing Your Financials to Salesforce: Why Sales, Services and Marketing Will Love You For It by FinancialForce.com

Download this FREE Guide now and help your company sell faster and smarter, incentivize your teams more intelligently, and make the most of your Salesforce.com investment.

Sponsored By: Interactive Intelligence

Contact centers are highly complex operations, and are becoming even more so with the rapid expansion of customer contact channels. Old, spreadsheet-based resource planning processes are stressed to the breaking point and are not adequately providing the levels of detail and accuracy necessary to ensure a business successfully achieves its operational and strategic goals.

This paper presents three organizations that improved their capacity planning and what-if analysis capabilities and witnessed dramatic improvements in staffing efficiency, service delivery consistency, and profitability.

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