CRM Evolution 2009 - Monday, August 24 2009
Opening Keynote: The Voice of the Customer
9:00 a.m - 10:00 a.m
Paul Greenberg, Managing Principal - The 56 Group, LLC & Author, CRM at the Speed of Light
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Companies should pay attention to the voice of the customer. Customers aren’t what they were 5 years ago. What companies have to do to respond to customers is also not the same. Social media tools and the growth of digital communities have given the customer control of the conversation and control over the business ecosystem. Technologies are not valuable if there is no intent on understanding what the customer is saying. Innovations in speech and other domains are useless unless they are valuable to the enhancement of the customer experience - the one that the customer owns.

CRM Evolution 2009 - Tuesday, August 25 2009
Keynote: Best Voice Forward
9:00 a.m - 10:00 a.m
Jeffrey F. Rayport, Founder and Chairman - Marketspace, LLC & Author, Best Face Forward: Why Companies Must Improve Their Service Interfaces With Customers
Speech technology is moving beyond the call center and into other parts of enterprises.  This naturally brings additional challenges and considerations.  However, companies can learn from sophistication that is emerging in other customer-facing technologies.  Hear insight from Jeffrey F. Rayport, a renowned author, former Harvard University business school professor, and the founder and chairman of Marketspace, LLC, a strategy practice that helps companies improve the way they interact with customers and markets.

CRM Evolution 2009 - Wednesday, August 26 2009
Closing Keynote Panel: Web 2.0 Meets CRM. What Happened?
11:45 a.m - 12:30 p.m
MODERATOR: Paul Greenberg, Managing Principal - The 56 Group, LLC & Author, CRM at the Speed of Light
Mr. Denis Pombriant, Managing Principal - Beagle Research Group, LLC CRM Magazine Columnist
Clara Shih, Author, The Facebook Era
CRM has long been seen as an operational and transactional strategy and technology. But the newly empowered customer is changing that everywhere. Customer interaction is moving center stage, changing the way that companies are being forced to deal with their customers. The technologies are also undergoing dramatic transformation to satisfy these new interactions. As early a stage as it is, the changes cannot be ignored. Listen to three experts who are in this from all sides of the fence—CRM, social software, and community development. How are these changes relevant to meet company needs with the new customer? How does CRM integrate with social applications and communities? Find out from this exciting panel. Audience participation is encouraged.

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