To be competitive today, consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers must come to grips with the profound changes that have occurred in the marketplace. Now, new technologies and greater access to consumer data are opening up exciting possibilities for CPG companies to connect with their consumers in ways that had not been possible before. Through the effective application of interactive database marketing technologies and programs, CPG marketers can regain their influence with consumers and engage directly with users and potential buyers of their brands.
An online marketer's dream is for every interaction with a customer or prospect to be a positive and profitable experience that can be tracked, reported on, and analyzed through sophisticated electronic-CRM (e-CRM) technology. Here's how to develop a strategy to realize that dream.
It's time to move pricing out of the back office and into the front office, which is becoming easier to achieve as customer relationship management (CRM) application vendors add more sophisticated pricing functionality to their product suites.
Loyalty marketing can be a crucial first step to help you pry the dreams from customers skittish about privacy, wise to targeted offers, and numb to discounts. Integrated tightly with your overall CRM strategy, a loyalty-marketing component can become a powerful engine for your CRM machine.
Reward or recognize? In the past these two types of incentives have been seen as competing against one another particularly during the implementation or refinement of customer loyalty programs. However, companies are now looking at combining the two.
Business-to-business (B2B) exchanges or marketplaces provide dramatic opportunities to automate collaborative business processes with customers and suppliers, generate internal efficiencies, and reach new markets at minimal cost. Here's how to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls of B2B exchanges.
Want to improve your sales organization fast? Consider ripping up your annual performance appraisal system. Hold work planning and review sessions with their employees rather than annual performance reviews.
Microsoft Business Solutions is releasing its own CRM product.
There are many operational, technical, and financial considerations that must be weighed when determining the right approach to an outsourcing relationship. Yet when done correctly, the outsourcing of billing operations can have many positive impacts to your business.
Any manufacturer that charges into the Internet Age without a collaborative forecasting system does so at great risk. An electronics business that cannot accurately anticipate demand shifts may not survive the rigors of today's just-like-that expectations.
Most companies build products they think the customer wants, then sit around nervously hoping customers will come. To survive today, however, companies must make sure they are producing products people want, and in a shorter time frame.
The critical marketing challenge for a brand remains one of relationship building. As with all other marketing initiatives and expenditures, ad campaigns--and ad agencies--must be held accountable for contributing to building brand relationships.
The contact center is the lifeblood of any business and often serves as the initial customer interaction point with a company. There is a strong link between contact center employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Learn how to keep your reps happy.
The business of customer analytics is to get answers quickly so marketers can leverage newly gleaned information for competitive advantage. Why, then, is it so difficult to get answers to simple questions, let alone the complex ones? Welcome to the Catch-22 of Customer Analytics.
The new face of CRM will be molded by business users and achieved through a separation of data and logic. AMR Senior Analyst of Customer Management Service Kevin Scott says many CRM projects have not worked due to a lack of project direction and governance and in the future people need to approach the market with a new philosophy, attitude toward technology and an integrated measurement system plan.
Since the explosion of e-commerce, supply chain professionals have been theorizing about a Holy Grail. Like the Knights of Arthurian Legends, supply chain software providers have been searching for a mythical system that will seamlessly link the entire supply chain.
Success will be directly related to the ability to recognize these myths and to focus on the truths of CRM
The SMB market is substantially undeveloped and to date far less competitive
The failure of the global CRM promise doesn't mean that CRM software isn't working
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